Zakup certyfikatów dla osób przebywających poza Polską

Qualified certificate for people staying behind Poland


A qualified certificate (electronic qualified signature) issued in any country of the European Union is recognized in all EU countries.


Qualified certificate for a person residing in any country

A qualified certificate for a person residing in any country can be purchased at ASSECO (Certum) using a web form and identity verification:

  1. To start using eSignature with the SimplySign service, download and install SimplySign on your mobile device  for Android devices  for iOS devices

2. Activate the application using the code separately.

3. Go to and fill in the form.

4. Please, follow the instruction:

5. All personal qualified signature used in University of Warsaw contains “additional data” indicating link between natural person and represented organization, i.e:

organizationName “Uniwersytet Warszawski”
state or province, “mazowieckie”
locality = “Warszawa”
address = “Krakowskie Przedmieście” 26/28”

6. Contact your faculty to obtain a power of attorney to obtain a certificate with University data. The power of attorney accepted by the Dean / Director should be sent to the address below.

7. Confirm your Identity at the Notary Public or the Consulate.

8. Send documents to Certum,  ul.Bajeczna 13, 71-838 Szczecin Poland, att. Agnieszka Steć